Wink by Crave

Wink by Crave
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Like a tiny shot of espresso, the Wink offers a quick hit of delight. The concentrated vibrations in the silicone tip direct sensation exactly where you want it.

CHIC & STRONG - With a single micro-motor in our smallest vibrator to date, the Wink delivers focused vibrations for a uniquely playful experience.

ABSOLUTELY QUIET - Like its namesake gesture, the Wink is not much louder than a flutter.

ONE TINY BATTERY - The Wink runs for six hours on a single AAA battery. No cables or chargers to carry around.

And you can store the battery backwards in the Wink body to avoid running down the power when you're not using it.

SPLASHY - Completely waterproof when fully assembled, the Wink is perfect for playing in the bath, shower, or underwater.

Submerge it safely for play or for easy cleaning with soap and water.

OUT & ABOUT - Smaller than many brands of mascara, the Wink can be tucked in the tiniest wristlet for a night on the town or the corner of your carry-on bag for adventures far from home.

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