Oils aint oils - The difference between Various Lubricants

Oils ain’t  oils

There is a difference!



Lube as it is now called, increases sensitivity by creating smother slipperier surfaces. Vaginal lubrication doesn’t always happen due to Hormones, Alcohol, Pleasure and Prescription drugs and Stress.


A personal lubricant can be used to increase pleasure and reduce pain during sexual activities. With so many brands available everyone is sure to find a favourite.


Lubricants come in 3 varieties, Water Based, Silicone and Oil.


Water Base      - Are most similar to natural vaginal fluids. They come in a watery liquid to a thick jelly. Water based lubricants are specially formulated to be taste free, non-staining, non-irritating and easily wash out of the body.


Silicone            - Super slippery, last longer than water based lubes. Silicone feels like oil but it is safe for internal use, safe with latex toys and condoms. (Avoid using lubes with silicone toys). It is best choice to use around water. (E.g. Shower, bath)       


Oils                  - Oils are extremely hard to wash out of the body. Oils such as Vaseline coats the walls of the vagina for days, inviting all sorts of bacteria and promotes yeast infections.  Oils can destroy latex condoms and diaphragms Oil based lubes should only be used by men for solo sex activities. Never use oil based products with any toys or latex product.



Now that we have explained the different types of lubes, check out our products for your enjoyment.

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