Come Fly With Me



Remember as a child your parents always packed some toys when you were away from home. What’s stopping you now?


Here are a few tips though before you go.



 Make sure the country you are travelling to allow sex toys. Some countries forbid sex toys and/or porn. Embarrassment will be the least of your problems.



Always take them out, the last thing you want is to get bumped, your toy accidently turns on and your bag starts buzzing away.


Bag It.

Place all items in a clear plastic bag. That way should you be searched, security will be able to see the toys and they should place them discreetly aside while searching instead of pulling everything out and throwing things around


Business or Pleasure.

When asked before boarding the plane whether your trip is Business or pleasure, always say ‘Pleasure’ and then if they do a search and find your toys it will be sure to put a smile on their dial.



If you do get searched remember that you’re a big girl now. Toughen up, smile, you won’t be the first nor will you be the last.

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